In southern Vermont, you don’t have to choose between mellow routes along the river, rigorous hill climbs, quiet dirt roads or challenging mountain biking trails. Every kind of terrain is right at your fingertips. Whether you ride every day or haven’t ridden in years, July is the perfect month to celebrate your bicycle.

Take your inspiration from the Tour de France and explore some of Stratton’s cycling-centric events. Enjoy the relaxed Tour de Grace with its mellow 17.5 mile route or kick your training into high gear in preparation for the Vermont Challenge and Grizzly Triathlon.

Savor the ride by yourself, or bring the whole peloton. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that July is your month to ride.

T&F Center Update: Just in time for biking month, Stratton’s Training and Fitness Center has received a few new cycling bikes for the spin room along with a big, flat screen TV that will play beautiful scenery for those spinning.

Upcoming Biking Events:

Tour de Grace – July 12th

The Tour de Grace is a beautiful, 17.5 mile, scenic ride that’s fun for all ages. Riders will enjoy great views as they bike from Stratton Mountain to Grace Cottage Hospital.

The Vermont Challenge – August 13-17th

The people of Vermont welcome you to tour Vermont’s beautiful landscape, replete with rolling farmlands, bucolic villages, and quiet country roads. The Vermont Challenge is a friendly experience drawing on the qualities of the people of Vermont.

Are we missing events from our list? Comment telling us about them!


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