Wanderlust Recap!


By Courtney DiFiore

The much anticipated Wanderlust weekend has finally come and gone. More than four thousand people filled the resort for this multi-day yoga and music event. With so many eager to master the art of yoga, or if you’re like me (a newbie) explore the world of yoga, Wanderlust was able to cater to all. Classes ranged from yoga, hikes/run and meditation to hoop/slackline, lectures and dance. There was even yoga on horses! Yes. You read right. Yoga. On. Horses. That and yoga on paddleboards may have been some of the most popular classes in fact.


Let’s not forget the music however!  Integrated everywhere, music plays a huge roll within Wanderlust. DJ Drez threw down beats on some yoga classes during the day, and by night, he was rocking ‘The Greatest Place’ tent. Additional performances included, Quixotic, Caravan Palace, Sarah NeuFeld, Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, and a long list of others.

Aside from the many classes around the mountain, the Village was also the place to be. There were so many great vendors with awesome products. There were body scrubs and oils (all organic of course), Henna, yoga swag (known by many as clothing), dairy/soy/lactose free samples (which I particularly enjoyed, being sensitive to all three) and so much more! To sit here and list them all could very well take the day because there’s so much to say about each (all good too!), but I’ll leave you with that and add one more thing. To everyone who was a part of this year’s Wanderlust at Stratton, THANK YOU! I hope everyone found their true north.


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