A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”


By Myra Foster

With four Farmer’s Markets in my path each week, there’s no challenge to meeting my daily quota of vegetables without ever cracking a V8.

Ruby lettuce. Baby turnips. Chioggia beets – they look like candy canes and roast up ever so sweet. Fava beans, elusive but so worth the hunt.

Toss it all together with Chef Alex Shinn’s Wanderlust vinaigrette, pour a glass of pinot gris and say “summer!”

Alex created this velvety vinaigrette, lively with fresh herbs, for the Wanderlust farm-to-table dinner. We all wanted the recipe. And he was happy to oblige. Thanks Alex!


This batch serves a crowd but can be easily adapted.

WANDERLUST Vinaigrette
Blend together:
2 cups Champagne vinegar
6 cups EVOO
½ cup Dijon mustard
½ cup minced shallots
½ cup Vermont maple syrup
¼ cup each of fresh oregano, thyme and chervil
Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste

*Guest post by Myra Foster 

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  1. Thursday afternoon in Manchester, Saturday in Bennington or Londonderry and Sunday in Dorset which may be my favorite because it also involves a dip in the quarry. Each seems to have one unique purveyor that makes it worth the trip. Bennington is the only stop for Gammelgarden creamery and the farmstead dairy selections brought to you by four Jersey cows; maple skyr and cream top milk are my favorites. Each week is a discovery. Enjoy.

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