Golf, Yoga or both?


By Myra Foster

Nancy McMahon stopped me this morning to say she had just played her best round of golf. Ever. “I should take yoga before every game.”

We had been in a yoga flow class together at The Living Room on Tuesday. She packed up her mat and was off to meet friends for a little lunch at Tenderloins and their 1:47 tee time.

I don’t know what the scorecard read but her smile told the story.   “I was so relaxed.”  Shoulders, back, hamstrings stretched.  “There was more power in my swing.”

Golf and Yoga. Now there’s a program at Stratton Golf School with a workshop for women August 9-11 and one for all on August 23-24. Now you can take advantage of Stratton’s proven instructional programs – with a twist.

Renowned since 1969 for individualized golf programs and a teaching facility designed specifically for instruction, Stratton Golf School now adds V1 video analysis to the powerful teaching tools. You’ll go home with a swing analysis reminder along with your pro’s comments and even a comparison to tour players.


Along with the technical aspects of the game, Golf and Yoga builds flexibility, focus, core strength.  Be Centered. Balanced.  And remember to Breathe.

I’ve been reminded to slow down my backswing. To relax. “You’ve got a powerful swing, we just need to harness that power,” I’ve been told. So I’m thinking this Golf and Yoga might just be my gateway to a better game.  Then maybe Nancy might just let me join her for a round.

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