By Courtney DiFiore

Most people use their spare time to browse their social networks, read a book or take a walk. I find myself looking up fun facts and ‘did you knows’. After browsing I found that “all the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes.”

Is it true? Well, I guess I’d have to do my own experiment and I’m no scientist. But regardless, whether the exact number is true, it made me pose a question to myself. If I could get back those 30 minutes a day that I loose by blinking (supposably), what would I do with them?

I came up with a top 5 list of things I could/would do with 30 minutes:

1. Play some tennis – because I love it!
2. Exercise – because I love that too 🙂
3. Learn a new language (or start to anyway) – because I always say I’m going to and then don’t, saying I can’t find the time.
4. Fly a kite – I’ll admit, that crossed my mind as a joke stemming off the saying “oh, go fly a kite!” but after more thought, I realize I actually might enjoy that.
5. Kayak – I like being out on the water and I haven’t been kayaking for some time.

What would you do with your 30 minutes of blinking?!