Out Of A Western Movie

By Lauren Suriani
DSC_0002One of the great things about living in southern Vermont is that I get to do awesome things all the time (sorry for bragging). This week it was horseback riding. From the start of the day I was stoked that I got to actually wear my cowboy boots for the correct reason. Here I thought they were just a fashion statement. My fellow marketer, Courtney (also in cowboy boots), and I got a chance to check out Horses for Hire over in Peru, VT. It’s a pretty, little place with 8 horses that does all sorts of rides for young, old, inexperienced, groups and anything else. They can accommodate to almost any and all of your needs.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a sea of smiles from our guides and their horses (they can smile too right?). Looking around the property we could see a few kiddies on pony rides through the surrounding trails smiling ear to ear. It seemed like everyone was just having a blast at this place and I couldn’t wait to get on one of these guys! (The horses that is…)


After picking out a helmet that fit my giant melon I mounted up onto Scout, a beautiful horse that really loved to eat. I knew we would be great friends from that point on. Our group consisted of six adults and one little munchkin, for a ride that was about an hour and a half long. We covered some really beautiful trails and it was really nice to just take things slow. We started off down Southern Road before taking a turn uphill and into the woods. The guides were all great and knowledgeable about the pretty Vermont properties we passed and the trails were well maintained. With all the rain we’ve seen this summer, everything was super green! I guess they don’t call it the green mountain state for nothing.

The guides were also very helpful on how to ride your horse properly (obviously). I learned how to start, stop and steer, all the basics you need when riding a horse. Although Scout did take full advantage of my lack of riding skills and stopped to graze wherever he pleased. But that was fine with me. The guides gave me tips on how to keep him moving.


Whether it’s a date night or you’re looking to do something with the whole family, this place should be on your to-do list. It pretty much guarantees a great time. Maybe you’re not a super athlete or maybe you are and just want a nice relaxing evening adventure. Check out Horses for Hire and enjoy Vermont from a different perspective. For rides and more information give them a call at 802.297.1468.