Riding High

By Courtney DiFiore

July has become cycling month here at Stratton and it makes a lot of sense with all the bike racing that happens this month, not only in Southern Vermont, but around the world. In honor of this theme, I’ve compiled a few benefits to cycling.

1. It’s easy on the body.

Cycling puts very little impact on joints making it an easy sport to jump into. “Even if you have pain walking, you can still ride a bike, because it isn’t weight bearing,” says bike fit specialist Andrew Pruitt, EdD, Director of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, in Colorado (Prevention Magazine).

2. It’s a great lower body toner.

The largest muscles in your body are in your legs and butt, making it easy to burn some major calories as you tone those areas of the body. “Riding 12 to 14 MPH burns more than 500 calories in only 60 minutes, and many people (even novices) can easily bike for an hour or two,” writes Selene Yeager from Prevention Magazine (from Joy Ride).

3. It creates a sense of community

Cycling is great for someone at any age which is why (I think) it’s so popular. “6.9 Million: The number of boomers who own a bicycle,” according to Yeager. That’s a lot of people! And it seems as though all who ride share in the same passion for riding. It’s a great second family to have.

4. It brings out the kid in you.

Who didn’t ride a bike as a kid?! If you claim you didn’t, well, I’m sorry you missed out on one of the best parts of childhood, but luck for you biking can be picked up at any age! So get peddling.

Cycling can be challenging, especially if you’re aiming to become the next Tour De France winner or something like that, but it can also be calming and fun in a casual setting. Grab a bike and get going. There’s still a lot of summer left. If you’re like me and need something to work toward (I can’t seem to just ride, I have to be training for something), you should check out all the upcoming cycling events at Stratton.


July 27 Tour de Bondville – The Seventh Annual Tour de Bondville combines a bike ride, golf outing and after party. Choose the 50, 25 or 18 mile bike ride or to spend the day on the links, all while raising funds for a good cause – breast cancer research.

Aug 14 – 18 The Vermont Challenge – Four day cycling tour through southern Vermont, beginning and ending at Stratton Mountain. The people of Vermont welcome you to tour Vermont’s beautiful landscape, replete with rolling farmlands, bucolic villages, and quiet country roads. The Vermont Challenge is a friendly experience drawing on the qualities of the people of Vermont.

Sept 1 Grizzly Triathlon – Mark your calendars for the inaugural Stratton Mountain Grizzly Triathlon! Compete solo or create a team of three. Swim 600 meters, bike 13 miles and finish with a 5k mountain run.