Stratton Gets Extreme

photo[1]By Courtney DiFiore

The Extreme Wolverine Challenge is exactly what it sounds like…extreme and quite the challenge. In fact, it’s advertised as being “built by man, designed for beast, conquered by extreme athletes.” -_- Yeah, exactly.

The race is a challenging combination of 6miles (on a mountain! – which I’d say is challenging enough of its own) and 15-20 obstacles scattered throughout. Money is raised to support the charitable efforts of local and national charities throughout the U.S. Forever Our Heroes Foundation and the Stratton Foundation were two beneficiaries of this event today.

photo 2Walking into registration I was confident that I would make it out alive; however, shortly after arrival my nerves had gotten the best of me. Off to my right stood a HUGE blow up Marine that overlooked the start line and a pull-up bar where (too much surprise…NOT) big, strong men were lining up to have a go. To the left, I could see the finish line and two sets of obstacles – keg monkey bars and a slip and slide. Luckily the tent that stood directly in front of me was playing a great mix of music. That eased my nerves a tiny bit, that and the fact that right behind me was the kettle corn kart. That would be my motivation to finish…obviously.


My favorite part about the race was the camaraderie. Strangers became friends as they helped each other over walls and through mud and water. The energy was positive and encouraging. In the end, everyone finished with a smile, some high fives and great memories.

First Place Sean McCoy from GearJunkie with finish time of 50 Min. 50sec.
Second place – Stephen Renegold from GearJunkie with finish time of 50 mins. 51 sec.
Third place – Kate Boobar from Stratton Mountain with finish time of 53 mins 36 sec.
Big congrats to you all!


The Extreme Wolverine Challenge comes back to Stratton this October 19th. Get your redemption! Just before that is our Grizzly Triathlon (sprint style) on September 1st. Sign up now to guarantee your spot. It’s a great way to train during the summer so we’re all winter ready!