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By Courtney DiFiore

It’s that time, BBQ’s are every other weekend, you’re now living off watermelon and sweet tea, the smell of sunblock is in the air, and the kids are out of school and driving you crazy. Yes, it’s summer and everyone’s looking for something fun to do. Many who spend the summer at Stratton always come asking the same question, “What is there to do around here?” In response to this popular question, it’s been decided to begin a blog series cleverly named ‘Things to do in Southern Vermont’ (original, I know).


At first, I figured beginning the series would be tough. With so much to choose from, what activity would I share first?! Lucky for me, the decision fell into my lap after a trip to Timber Quest last week with a co-worker. Located at Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont, Timber Quest is an aerial adventure amongst the treetops with over 20 zip lines, the longest being 260 feet long, and 75 challenges of varying difficulty.

Thankfully, I’ve been on a course similar, so I was prepared upon arrival but for those who’ve yet to experience the awesomeness that is Timber Quest or anything like it, make sure you don’t show up in crocs, board shorts and your favorite shirt (unless you’re favorite shirt happens to be an athletic piece of clothing). Ladies, break out the three quarter length yoga pants and gents throw on some athletic shorts. Once you have the harness hugging your waist, things can get a bit uncomfortable with too much clothing (lots of bunching!).


Before Lauren (the co-worker) and I took to the course, we received a mini lesson in the proper way to clip in and out of the safety wires. Then it was off to play! Jim Barron, part guide, part comic relief for our aerial adventure, led the way down the blue course. There’s three levels of difficulty, green (easy), blue (medium) and black (hard). The black course is in the process of being built and finalized, but you can bet that when it’s complete, I’ll be first in line to try it out.


From the start of the course, I could see plenty of obstacles awaiting my arrival but just when I thought I was almost done, I looked across a trail at neighboring woods to find even more challenges! And so began the first in a series of zip lines that weaved in and out of the treetops. The final zip line to the end of the course is probably the most fun. It stands at about 25 feet high (but the highest zip line pole stands at about 35 feet!) and because you have a soft, gravel landing, it allows you to have a little fun on the take-off.

The course took about one and a half hours to complete. Depending on the person, it can be a little longer or shorter. Either way, it’s a sure way to have fun with the family or solo (whichever!). Check out their website for more details at


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