This is Insane!

By Courtney DiFiore

Wear this band (that squeezes you so tight you can’t breathe) and instantly look 10lbs! Drink this shake (that tastes like cardboard) and drop two dress sizes in one week! Oh and call within the next 10 minutes and shipping and handling is on us!

insanity_2Sound familiar? We’ve all heard infomercials about products that sound too good to be true and usually they ARE too good to be true. Wearing some cloth around your stomach isn’t going to make you lose weight. I wear one every day…it’s called a shirt -_- and I haven’t seen any change in the scale. And eww, most of the shakes advertised truly do taste like some kind of cardboard, dry and chalky – so no thank you.

I admit, I’ve fallen victim to many of these infomercials that promise minimal to no work for amazing results, but alas, they never work for me.  There is one though that I don’t regret whipping out my credit card for – Insanity.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Shawn T. on TV. He created Insanity, a super, intense workout that’s based off Max Interval Training. With traditional interval training you do short bursts of high intensity training followed by longer periods of rest. With Max Interval Training, you reverse that and do long bursts of high intensity training followed by very short periods of rest. The result is burning more calories during your workout and more calories after your workout.


Alaina Savage has been a certified Insanity instructor for just under a year now and also teaches at the Springfield, Vermont Rec Center. She also started with the at-home DVD version (except she actually completed it) and fell in love with the work out. Some benefits of participating in the class version as opposed to the at-home are the recipe handouts students receive, the motivation you get from your classmates and the fact that it’s only twice a week, giving your body a hard time to adapt. Another BIG plus, in my book anyway, is that as an instructor, Alaina receives new work out routines and music for the classes every month. The DVD’s never changed. I always did the same rotation of the same moves and songs.After completing one month of the two month program, I stopped. I was doing it on my own so I was lacking motivation and it was six days a week which was really pushing it for me. I have a job and a social life, you know! Lucky for me though, and YOU, I get to try it again. The Sports Center at Stratton Mountain is now offering Insanity classes!

There are two series:
Series 1: Starting Monday July 22, every Monday and Wednesday at Noon until Wednesday August 28
Series 2: Starting Tuesday July 23, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm until Thursday August 29

At the first class you’ll have an initial fit test that will be repeated at the l  ast class as a way of tracking your results. Classes consist of 30 to 50 minutes of constant work. “This allows more results in less time,” says Savage.

Students who took the beta class sort of speak described it as fun, fast passed, intense and full body workout. As you can see by the sheer length of this blog entry I’m very passionate and excited about this new class. J If you decided to join one of the series, feel free to come back to this entry and share your feedback!