Back-to the Future

Back-to-the Future
By Pat Ryan

August is “Back-to” month at Stratton and I began to wonder what that means to me. First thing I think of is Back-to-School. Now that really flips a trigger inside me and I silently scream not yet, I can’t deal with this! I’ve been out of school a long time, but after 25 years of the school routine you just don’t lose those kinds of feelings. Onward to other more pleasant thoughts, the back-to- basics idea, which I appreciate because it’s a good restart for things like eating right and keeping things simple in this complicated life. But, by far, my favorite is back-to-the-future where I can really make a positive difference for myself.


Back-to-the-Future is an old movie with Michael J. Fox, who travels back in time to a point in his parents’ life. Of course he gets involved in their life and it jeopardizes his own life so he starts to disappear. It’s a funny mess as he is continuously horrified at how his actions are changing what he knows as his life, right before his eyes. Never fear in the end he eventually works it out to his enormous relief. I guess he liked his life.

So I’m thinking about my personal back-to-the future and remind myself that I need to keep working at staying in shape, eating right and having fun. Luckily for me that is really easy to do when you work at Stratton and can step outside to a world that makes hiking, biking, skiing, golf, tennis or doing an insanity workout an everyday occurrence. I can even throw in a cooking class or do some yoga, it’s my choice.

There’s nothing like creating my own time machine.