Capture. Compare. Improve.


By Courtney DiFiore

The thing I love about golf is that it’s a lifetime kind of sport. You can begin playing as a kid and continue into old age. Many other sports I play take a toll on the joints, involving a lot of impact. With golf, I know that I’ll still be able to play in 50 years. Will I be paying well in 50 years? Mhmm debatable.

Two days ago I would have told you that my game was doomed to stay as is; however, then I learned about V1 and the sky became more blue, the grass greener and life a little sweeter. J V1 is the #1 video swing analysis system in golf and lucky for me, Stratton Golf School now uses this program!


I made my way over the golf school ASAP to check it out. This software is seriously awesome. Stratton instructors take a video of your swing on their iPad (that’s the ‘capture’ part), then they analyze it with you and ‘compare’ your swing with other pros. V1 has thousands of golfers’ swings from local golf pros to top PGA instructors. As the instructor goes through your analysis, the iPad is recording the whole thing. Then it’s sent to your email. You can even have it sent to your phone as a text message. So now I have a locker on that holds my video lesson forever. How cool?!

I look forward to doing this again at the end of the season so we can compare me to my old-self rather than a pro. Though it was pretty awesome being put next to a PGA pro and hearing that our swings are very similar. Apparently, I missed my calling as a golfer!