I Could Not Decide………..

By Sky Foulkes

Saturday was a spectacular day to get some outdoor exercise in, sunny and temperatures in the 70’s – what more could I ask for. Now the big question, what to do?

Should I go for a swim in the snowmaking pond, take a ride on my bike, or go for a run?  Well instead of trying to decide, it just seemed easier to do all three!  A morning swim around the snowmaking (well a couple of times around actually).  If you haven’t used the snowmaking pond as your outdoor pool, you don’t know what you are missing.  It is awesome with clear water and a refreshing temperature; just follow the shoreline and it is about a 1/2 mile around.  Now it was on to the bike for a ride; choosing to go on one of my favorite (yet hilly) roads, Winhall Hollow, and then lap around Londonderry (to check out the Saturday Farmer’s Market of course) and then back across Winhall Hollow.  After some refueling I went for a nice run along Kendall Farm Rd, which is like the flattest 4 miles around here!!  And of course to top it all off a post workout dip in the snowmaking pond and off to Bondville for lunch.  What a morning, three different sports and all before lunch.  What will I do in the afternoon/evening?  Maybe up to the mountain for an evening of music on the Commons.  Get out and enjoy exercising in our big outdoor gym – it doesn’t get any better than this!!