Who’s ready to ski and ride?

By Courtney DiFiore


As if there isn’t enough awesome activities happening on Stratton this weekend, this morning there was a Be. Ready Free Workshop held at the Ski and Snowboard School building. Sure we love the winter for skiing and riding but come opening day, a lot of us aren’t in the best condition to really shred the mountain how we imagine. I picture myself taking run after run whilst jibbing trees and pulling sweet tricks, but let’s face it; my body isn’t used to those movements.

It’s been a whole summer without riding and skiing for some of us (myself included), so our muscles need some refreshing. This workshop focused on fitness and correct practice of exercises that relate to our ski and snowboard performance. Participates ranged from kids to adults of all levels and all walked away with an opportunity to Be. Ready for our fast approaching winter season. Getting ready a little early never hurts right? 🙂