7 Summits Challenge

By Courtney DiFiore


Am I the only one that refused to believe it’s already September? Where has the summer gone? Leaves are slowly beginning to change, promising a grand show of colors throughout the green mountains. Because of where I live, I can easily observe the changing of seasons from my front door, but nothing can compare to an aerial view. Standing atop a mountain on a brisk fall morning adds a value and appreciation to the view that just isn’t possible from my porch. So when I found out that September is hiking month at Stratton, it seemed more than fitting, not to mention right up my alley!

This September, Stratton’s giving me a little extra incentive to digging out my hiking shoes and hitting the trails with a 7 Summits Challenge. The goal is to pick one of the seven tallest summits across the world and hike the equivalent elevation. Lucky for me, Stratton’s made it easy to keep track of my progress by creating profiles on the MapMyHike app and All Trails app.


Apparently Everest, you know that really big mountain in Asia that people need oxygen tanks to hike (yeah that one!), is as high as 15 Stratton Mountains. That’s a lot of climbing, but I enjoy a challenge, so I’ve picked Everest. I have to hike 29,029’ feet in the month of September. I better get started!

Visit Stratton.com for more details on the 7 Summit Challenge and how you can be a part of the fun.

The Summits & their altitude:

  1. Everest, Asia 29,029′ – 15 “Stratton Summits”
  2. Aconcagua, South America 22,902′ – 11.5 “Stratton Summits”
  3. Denali, North America 20,320′  – 10.2 “Stratton Summits”
  4. Kilimanjaro, Africa 19,340′ – 9.7 “Stratton Summits”
  5. Elbrus, Europe 18,513′ – 9.3 “Stratton Summits”
  6. Vinson, Antarctica 16,067′ – 8 “Stratton Summits”
  7. Mt. Blanc 15,780′ – 7.9 Stratton Summits