3 Million Miles

With so much to do this weekend I didn’t know where to start.

Gondola ride, hike to the summit, antique show, Volvo car show… the list goes on. I decided (since I can walk to it) I’d stop by the Volvo car show down in the Stratton commons. My first reaction was, wow. Me not being the car guru was surprised by how many cars were actually here. Car enthusiasts from all over the East Coast, US and Canada came out to enjoy, show off, and see Volvos from classics, customs and today’s models.


I learned that a lot of people love their cars (as much as their own children). I also learned more about the Volvo then I ever thought I would need to know. (These guys know their stuff!)

As I wondered around I came across the 3 million mile Volvo. Not joking. Three million miles. On one car! Is this for real? Yes, it’s for real. Irv Gordon reached 3 million miles in Alaska in September. So technically the car has more than 3 million miles on it now.  To give you an idea of just how much 3 million miles is – that’s equivalent to 120 trips around the world. Or 6 trips to the moon and back!


This P1800 Volvo was bought in NY in 1966. Within the first weekend of owning the P1800 Irv put 1500 miles on it. Since then he’s taken great care of the car. Regular service and maintenance have kept it running smoothly for almost 50 years. Also Irv says “quality” is what its all about. And I can assure you, Volvo sells quality.

If you would like to learn more about Irv and his Volvo visit 3millionreasons.com

And now I think I’ll take that hike to the summit..