Antique Treasures

By Tyler Lewis


Are you looking for that new-old table to get that rustic look you’ve been looking for? Southern Vermont is the mecca for antiquing. With hundreds of antique stores to choose from, it’s a fantastic place to go. For anyone who isn’t familiar with antiquing it’s the buying, selling and collecting of antiques. Antiques are considered to be 100+ years old and still in original condition. Antiquing isn’t just for retirees anymore; people of all ages can enjoy the thrill of antiquing.  Whether you’re looking for that specific China cabinet that fits perfectly in your dinning room or old ski memorabilia for the ski house, Southern Vermont is the place to start.  Stratton Mountain is right in the heart of antiquing territory; with ten antique shops in the area, you’ll be antiquing long after the sun goes down.


The last time I went antiquing I ended up buying three old pairs of skies, an old ceramic ice cream cone and a 25-pound stone shaped like Vermont. Why you may ask? I’ll never know, but I proudly display my treasures in my living room and get countless nods of approval. When you step foot in an antique store you never know what you’re going to find, each time’s an adventure. To get the most out of your next antiquing adventure follow my antiquing top tips.

 Antiquing Top Tips

  1. Knowledge is power
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Only buy the things you like
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  5. Examine old items for damage
  6. Old doesn’t mean gold
  7. Don’t pay full price
  9. Always get a receipt
  10. Make sure to enjoy

Now get out there and start antiquing!