Indian Summer

By Courtney DiFiore


As a symphony of color fills the Green Mountains, the temperature begins to drop, foreshadowing the coming winter months. I begin to anticipate cool mornings and frost covered greens on the golf course but this year I’ve been duped! As we enter Columbus Day weekend, temperatures are hovering in the 60s with sunshine in the forecast too. Mother Nature is being oh so kind and adding an extra season this year: Indian summer.  Locals and those visiting can now be even more excited for a weekend full of great food, friends, music, fall favorite activities and the WEATHER!

furry thing copy

As excited as I am to report the beautiful forecast, we can’t forget that winter is on its way. Enjoy the Indian summer now but know that a snowy winter is soon to follow. My sources (a furry friend) tell me this year our slopes will be piled high with tons of snow.