Rejuvenating the Snowboarding Culture at Stratton Mt.

By Ted Rung
130209_SnowboardGroup_Summit_HS2400pxThe 2013/14 season is shaping up to be a fun and exciting time in the snowboard world at Stratton. A large part of our focus in preparing for this season has been on our two full service snowboard shops. Not one, but both snowboard shops have been completely remodeled to provide a better shopping experience for all of our customers. We feel that instead of having the two snowboard shop compete with each other, it would be better to have them work side by side to help rejuvenate the snowboarding culture that once thrived at Stratton.

The biggest change that visitors will notice is that Syd & Dusty’s has moved back to its previous location and has been connected to the Burton Store at Stratton. Combining the two stores into one open space will make picking out all the equipment that you can dream of even easier. All the brands will be in one spot so that you can mix and match as much as you want without having to go outside to another store.

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Next you will notice that everything in the two spaces is new and fresh. Syd’s has a new space and look to make it more inviting and visible to the customer. To add to this the Burton store has been updated to the current Burton Snowboards look and feel. New displays, counters, hardwood floor and a better lay out have been brought in or designed and built to make the space more tailored to the snowboard life style.

To go along with the new stores that we are excited to be in, we have to give you something exciting to buy while you are visiting Stratton. New brands have been brought into Syd & Dusty’s including Coal, Candy Grind, Celtek Gloves, Spy Goggles, and Switchback Bindings to name a few. Burton will carry a full line of their own products that you may have seen before. Something you may not have seen are 4 new board models, Burton/Stanley mugs and flasks as well as other collaborative items and a new line of women’s clothing designed in conjunction with Gwen Stafani’s L.A.M.B  clothing line.

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Come in and see it all for yourself. Saturday October 12th we will be having a reopening party.  The day will include exclusive one day sales, raffles, and a silent auction that will benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer. Winter is coming, see you soon!


8 thoughts on “Rejuvenating the Snowboarding Culture at Stratton Mt.

  1. Hope you will give out a book of mountain etiquette to your boarders so you don’t lose your older loyal skiiers who have supported you these past 20+ years.

  2. how bout making the actual mountain more snowboard friendly rather than the shops? more progressive parks is what stratton needs. not just another way to rake in money.

    1. here here!! would love to see the parks better and easier to access.. big ben is too hard to get to and opens soo late. how about a dedicated lift to it or move the park back to middlebrook!

  3. All boarders do not have wrongful etiquette. some rather than your would have been a better word choice. I am not trying to be a bully just saying we cant pick on the whole group because I have seen my fair share of skiers who too are guilty of braking the rules. Stratton was a pioneer in allowing snowboarders on the hill long ago and may not have made it through the recession of the eighties without that. We live in a time where this hogwash should have long been gone. Every mountain is the same.

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