First Day Ritual

By Tyler Lewis

Everyone’s got one, what’s yours? Huge breakfast? Ski movies? Waxing?

My first day rituals start 14 hours before first chair. I throw on my favorite snowboard movie That’s It That’s All and pack my gear bag, making sure to remember all the new gear I got in the offseason. Once my gear bag is ready to go, I make sure my snowboard from last season (I never ride a new board on opening day) has a fresh wax, tight hardware and perfect edges or lack of edges actually. I will then put all my gear by the doorway and lay my out my outfit, just like the first day of school. On the morning of opening day, I’ll get up early and make a huge breakfast, bacon, eggs and fruit, while watching That’s it That’s All…again. When I get to the mountain I put my left boot on before the right and my right glove on before my left, weird I know. Once I get on the mountain there’s no ritual, just pure enjoyment and happiness!

What’s your fist day ritual?

See you Saturday, November 23.