Opening Day – Saturday, November 23

So when are we opening?  Saturday.  This Saturday, November 23, with signature Stratton snow coverage on the three bears:  Polar, Black and Grizzly plus Frank’s Fall Line for intermediate and advanced upper-mountain skiing and riding.  You’ll also find beginner terrain on Cub and the Cub Carpet.

We want to thank our snowmakers and groomers for getting this party started.  And this is just the start.  This week, we’re looking at four days and nights of outstanding snowmaking weather and a continued expansion of our trail count here at Stratton. Keep checking the snow report as we will keep it continually updated regarding our snowmaking progress and plans. Consider this your official head’s up.  Get those skis and boards, boots and gloves ready for Saturday because we’re spinning the lifts at 8:30 am.

While we could have opened earlier, we looked at all the forecasts and did not find one that predicted smooth sailing up until this point. So we stuck to our strategy of letting that six-day stockpile cure before grooming it out and exposing it to the elements.  That means opening day will be awesome! And we’re looking forward to adding trails to the count by the day thanks to the power of Stratton snowmaking and some help from Mother Nature. Let it Snow…

Can’t wait to see you this weekend and over Thanksgiving with a full menu of events.