By Tyler Lewis

How are you preparing for the upcoming ski/snowboard season? Hitting the gym? Shopping? Watching Ski/Snowboard films? Keeping an eye on the 10-day weather outlook?

121230_snowy_whiteLady2_smile_HS2400pxSince moving to Vermont a month ago, I’ve been preparing for my first 100+ day snowboard season. Some of the big things I’m preparing for are dropping temperatures, long days and fatigue. Besides preparing myself physically, I’m preparing mentally by watching snowboard movies and constantly checking the weather.

Dropping temperatures are my biggest worry. When I wake up to 20 degrees, I question whether or not I’ll make it all day snowboarding midwinter. I like to pretend spending time outside in less than adequate clothing will help me adjust quicker to the temps, but the truth is that it probably will not. Facing reality, I’ve switched my efforts to finding a great first layer and jacket; I’m currently searching the Stratton Village for the perfect combo. 130222_BlueJkt_UpStandard_Sun_HS2400px2

Long days also worry me since work as a Snow Reporter starts at 5:30am. I have been working on a special blend of coffee, hot chocolate and candy that should keep me going all day. If that doesn’t work, I’ve perfected the power nap.

Snowboarding 100+ days is very demanding on your body so I’ve been going to the gym five days a week, working on the various muscles groups used while snowboarding. I also volunteered to run the Gobble Gobble Wobble in a turkey costume, which should be great exercise…hopefully.

Final piece of the puzzle is to get hyped for the season. Check out Stratton Mountain YouTube channel and watch the first snow reports of the season.