The Running Turkey Prepares for the Gobble Gobble Wobble

By Tyler Lewis

Who’s ready for the Gobble Gobble Wobble? I am! What’s not to love about a 5K with Fun costumes, great people and a great 5K course in the Stratton Village? Nothing. I for one will be wearing a massive turkey costume for the duration of the event and couldn’t be happier about it.

The first thing I do when I decide to run a 5K is to make sure I pre-register online (which you can do here for the GGW). This allows me to relax the morning of the race, leaving more time for stretching and talking with friends.

To train for this event I’m taking a little different approach than most. I’m starting by actually running a few practice 5Ks, which isn’t too difficult, especially since I live in one of the greatest areas in the country. Any place I choose to run ends up having breath taking views and amazing trails. The second part of my training consists of figuring out how to run a 5K in a turkey costume… its big, bulky and restricts leg movement. If you’re lucky you may even see a six foot three turkey running down the roads around Stratton in preparation of the Gobble Gobble Wobble.

The Monday before the event I’ll hopefully be physically ready for the event, and will start hydrating. The three days before the event I will be drinking LOTS of water. When race day comes I want my body to already be hydrated. Chugging water before the race is never a good idea.

The Tuesday before the race I will be having a pasta dinner at my house which gives my body time to process all the carbohydrates before the race Thursday morning. I was thinking pasta, meat balls, garlic bread and a Caesar salad will do the trick…oh yeah and lots of water.

The day before a race I like to take it easy and do as little physical activity as possible. I also believe in lots of stretching throughout the day. That night I make sure I get between 6-8 hours of sleep no more no less.

When I wake up on thanksgiving I will be ready. Ready to tackle the Gobble Gobble Wobble as a turkey. A small breakfast is important, maybe an egg and toast or a breakfast bar. When I get to the race I’ll be all registered so I can just show up, put my race number on and start my stretching routine (which is top secret).

When the race starts I’m going to take off like a turkey during hunting season, only to be passed a mile down the road by the majority of racers. My plan is to have as much fun as possible and try and make everyone else enjoy the race as much as me.

Can’t wait to see everyone on Thanksgiving at the Gobble Gobble Wobble!

Your running turkey,

Tyler Lewis