Meet the Women of Stratton – Kristin Powers

By Courtney DiFiore

Blog PictureKristin Powers is yet another amazing woman of Stratton. She was only two years old when she put on her first pair of skis. “My grandparents bought a farm just outside of Killington in the 70’s, so ever since I was born, my family would drive up from New York just about every weekend,” shares Powers. As soon as she was old enough to stand, Powers’ grandparents strapped her into those little red plastic skis and brought her down small hills around the farm. It wasn’t until the age of three that Powers began to hit the real slopes. Her and her grandparents would go to Pico Mountain just about every weekend. “It was a chance to get away and do what we love together as a family,” said Powers.

As Powers grew older, she held onto those wonderful memories of the farm and goes back to meet up with her family as often as she can. Still on skis, Powers likes to explore the whole mountain. “I’d say I’m an all mountain rider. I absolutely love going out early and skiing on the freshly groomed trails,” remarked Powers. She enjoys throwing on her favorite music and cruising around on any trails she can find. Last season was Powers first full season skiing at Stratton and she fell in love with the mountain, the community and the people in it. She began as a Coordinator in Human Resources but after a summer of travel and working in Nantucket, Powers is back in a new position as a Training Specialist. Aside from personally interact with fellow employees, one of Powers favorite parts of the job is “having the opportunity to walk a few steps out of my office and be right at the base of the mountain.”

Powers is so into winter sports that she tried her luck with snowboarding last season and fell in love with that too. “It definitely helped that I have some great friends, who happen to be instructors, to get me into it (snowbaording),” Powers told me. “Now, I want to say I’m a hybrid, but I’ll never be able to give up skiing.” Powers is one of those people that love adventure and is willing to try something new, which is why it was no surprise to me that she tried snowboarding too. Powers is now dabbling in the parks, “hitting the baby box last season is probably my highlight.”

Her need for adventure goes far beyond the mountain. “I’m working towards my goal of traveling to every country in Central America,” shares Powers. She’s also looking to get her yoga certification in the near future. Her spare time is usually comprised of yoga, so that makes sense. Powers also enjoys her time spent with friends, hiking, wandering around art galleries, swaying to the rhythms of live music and basically anything that takes place outdoors. I’m glad to see that her wanderlust led her to Stratton, Vermont. Where will it lead her next?