Get Ready For A Girl’s Weekend On The Snow

By Jenny Dempsey

I started snowboarding when I was 17. I got into it because the guy I was dating at the time was a snowboarder.  The first year I was basically tagging along! I was always riding with guys and getting left behind because I was learning. My guy friends would try to teach me, but they don’t understand the difference strengths men and women school girls

It wasn’t until I started riding with my best friend Sage that I began to really progress in my riding. It was so much different riding with another female. We pushed each other and fed off of each other’s energy. In time, we ended up being faster riders than all of the guys we snowboarded with!  It was so awesome riding and sharing the experience with one of my girlfriends.

3 girls time outLast year, Burton brought their Girls Time Out Snowboarding Camp to Stratton. It’s a camp designed for women by women. This allowed for more than just a normal lesson. It created a fun weekend getaway with your girlfriends where you develop new or fine tune existing skills. Last year, the first night we had a welcome reception with gift bags and a chance to meet all the ladies and coaches attending the camp. We had cocktails and got to know each other, talking about our riding experience and what we wanted to take from the camp. Saturday morning we met at the Burton store to break into groups based on ability and what you wanted to learn.  All the girls were so excited that the energy was addicting. I remember speaking with one of the campers and she said that it was the first time she didn’t feel nervous or intimidated. I loved that this camp was making her feel that way. The weekend was filled with laughter, progress and smiles! I’m so ready for this year’s Girls Time Out and look forward to welcoming back the ladies I met last year.130211_Lauren_newshow_bluecoat_HS 7360px3