Meet the Woman of Stratton – Daphne Amory

By Courtney DiFiore

Like many others, I began skiing at a very young age when my parents signed me up for lessons at my local mountain. As I reminisce, I remember long, blond hair twisted into a side braid, pink goggles and orange skis. I can’t recall a name but I can tell you fun facts about my pink goggle wearing instructor. It’s funny how that happens, but there’s a unique bond that’s created between a student and instructor.

DSC_0004Someone whose experienced many bonds with her students over the years is Daphne Amory. Both a Ski Instructor and Trainer here at Stratton, Amory lives in California where she makes her own wine but a few weeks out of the winter season she makes her way to Stratton. Growing up in Colorado it was almost expected of Amory to begin skiing and she didn’t disappoint. At the age of 3 she was hitting the slopes.

Skiing was a family sport for Amory. “Sharing the passion of skiing and how it relates to all aspects of life is my favorite part about instructing,” said Amory. Her love for skiing stems from the many childhood memories she carries and it’s quite contagious. Amory exudes confidence and took the time to come up with a thoughtful response to every question that came her way. “Never lose your sense of self and wonderment,” Amory told me as her final statement before rushing off to her students.