Meet the Woman of Stratton – Mariann Spear

By Courtney DiFiore

DSC_0006Mariann Spear is our Snowboard School Supervisor and ex-Snow Reporter (which I find pretty awesome, being an ex-Snow Reporter myself). Aside from the obvious fact that Spear snowboards, like most snowboarders I talk with, Spear began skiing. It wasn’t until the age of 27 that she transitioned over into Snowboarding. “I would go out and ski with a bunch of my friends who all rode snowboards. One day they put me on a snowboard and said ‘c’mon planker! Let’s see what you can do on this!’ I was determined to excel,” explains Spear.

However, let’s take a step back and start at the beginning. At the age of 6, Spear found herself on a pair of skis. She would go on ski trips with her neighbors because though her family ‘stood sideways,’ they were into surfing. Living on the New Jersey coast explains that, but Spear made it a point to both snowboard and surf.

The best part of Spear’s line of work are the people she gets to work with daily and the effect she has on them through teaching. There’s something to be said about passing on a love for a sport through generations and Spear not only tries to do that with her students but also instills passion for riding in her daughter. Her daughter graduated from  Stratton Mountain School and Sierra Nevada College and currently works as a recruiter for their ski and snowboard teams ,sharing her passion just like her mother did.

When Spear isn’t shredding the mountain you’ll probably find her cooking, hiking, gardening or on the Lifetime Channel. Wait what?! Yes, it’s true; you could see Spear featured on the Lifetime Channel.