Meet the Women of Stratton – Gigi Matthews

By Courtney DiFiore

gigi matthewsMeet Gigi Matthews. If you don’t know her, you’re one of the few. Matthews is in her 8th season working at Stratton. “I work with a great team – the Info Desk crew can solve just about any problem or mystery that comes along…” says Matthews. You can find Matthew’s friendly smile in the Base Lodge as she’s the Resort Services Supervisor. She also manages the resort service team. “Their passion for Stratton inspires me! They bring such a depth of experience and great energy to their volunteering, and they’re lots of fun to work with,” shares Matthews as she explains to me why she calls her job the best on the mountain.

Matthews learned to ski at Stratton when she was 8 or 9 years old. Her dad loved to ski and her mom was a good sport about it and would tag along for the many weekend trips from NJ. “We stayed at the Liftline Lodge where my parents would listen to the Stratton Mountain Boys and us kids would sled down the hill on cafeteria trays at night,” explained Matthews. It wasn’t until her “poor college phase” that Matthews took a short hiatus from skiing. “I started again when my husband, Scott, decided he wanted to learn to ski and booked a trip for our second anniversary.” What a sweet guy! “He was hooked, so we started skiing together a lot. When we had our daughter and she loved to ski, it sealed the deal!”

Skiing for Matthews is very rewarding. “There is nothing more exhilarating than flying down Free Fall on a sunny day. But I also love the reflective groove I get into making short turns under the arches of tree branches on Work Road after a fresh snow,” says Matthews. Really an alpine skier, she also telemarks. You can find Matthews sharing her love for skiing every Wednesday with the Green Mountain Woman. “This program brings together woman of all ages and experiences to explore the Mountain. We learn a little about ourselves and our skiing, forge friendships and laugh a lot,” Matthew tells me. The social aspect seems to be a big motivation for these women, just like Matthews, that continue to return year after year.

Though Matthews lives for the winter months, she carries a strong passion for tennis as well. You can find her in a rally every morning over the summer or perhaps working with Stratton’s 3.5 USTA tennis team which she captains. Another passion for this well-loved woman of Stratton is travel. “I’m really excited to be going to Iceland this spring. Maybe I’ll see the Northern Lights!” remarks Matthews. If you do, I best see a picture upon your return.