Meet the Women of Stratton – Allison Cummings

By Courtney DiFiore

The stories I’ve heard simply because I took the time to ask and actually listen still surprise me. Everyone seems to have their own unique way of entering into the world of snow sports. Allison Cummings is no exception. She began to ski at the age of 3 in her Connecticut backyard. Eventually she migrated north and started lessons at Timber Ridge. Now you can find her roaming the trails here at Stratton as a Ski Instructor and Trainer. Cummings can also snowboard and telemark, showing that she truly has a passion for winter sports. “Watching the Aha! moment is my favorite part of the job,” explains Cummings. “You can tell at that point that it’s no longer just a sport for them. It’s becoming a passion.”

DSC_0003If Cummings isn’t in her ski gear, you’ll probably find her in horseback riding or gardening attire. She truly is an outdoors(wo)man. In fact, Cummings attended an outfitting school in Montana. Like I said, she’s the outdoorsy type. Another title to add to her already impressive list is a Real Estate Broker. Is there anything this woman doesn’t do?!

Before saying our goodbyes I asked Cummings to leave me with one piece of advice for woman in the industry. “Have confidence and know that every day betters you.”