Meet the Women of Stratton – Austin Ebbott

By Courtney DiFiore

Growing up in a family where your parents have a passion for something makes it pretty impossible to ignore that said something. In the case of Austin Ebbott, she not only found the passion for skiing that her parents had but went above and beyond with her love for the sport.

Austin Face ShotAt the age of 2, Ebbott and her parents went on a ski trip and when lunch time rolled around and the group came in from the Bunny Slope, Ebbott would not stop crying. It was obvious to her parents and all onlookers that something was causing this child distress. When her mom got her to calm down enough to answer the question “what’s wrong,” Ebbott replied that she wanted to keep skiing on the Bunny Slope. If that isn’t passion for a sport, I don’t know what is.

Ebbott went on to develop her skills and at the age of 6 found her way to Stratton. She grew up skiing and competing on the Allegro Freestyle Team. Now being a Ski Coach for the same team, she comments that the favorite part of her job is seeing the kids she competed with and coached now become coaches themselves. “It’s truly a family that’s created when you join the Allegro Team,” said Ebbott. “Stevek was able to create the Allegro program and make it into something special and unique. There’s been this culture of taking from the program during your years of competing knowing that you’ll then give back to the program in the future. I’m happy to now be a coach and continue the cycle of giving to this amazing program.”

Both of Ebbott’s parents work as Instructors at Stratton as well, making this truly a family affair. Aside from her passion for Skiing, you can find this talented young lady studying to become a Vet. Her advice to all those looking to improve their skills on the mountain, because you’re never too old to learn something new, is to “charge massively and you’ll succeed massively.” Wise words from someone who knows what she’s talking about, after all she did land a mention in Ski Magazine. Go Austin Ebbott!