Meet the Women of Stratton – Liz Millikin

By Courtney DiFiore

1979_515537776155_5653_nNew to Stratton, but certainly not the snow sport world, Liz Millikin has joined the Marketing team as our Social Media and Communications Coordinator. She embraces the Stratton culture whole heartedly with her love for skiing. The first time she put on skis, she was just 15 months old. Her parents admit that might have been a little young to start, but looking back the family has no regrets. Reminiscing, Millikin explained, “every year, my parents would pack us up and head to Quebec for a week of skiing. This meant I was put in French-speaking ski school and day care without knowing a word of French. I had no idea what was going on, but I loved it. I really did.”

Skiing was definitely a family affair for the Millikin clan. “My dad and two older brothers always pushed and inspired me, while my mom supported our obsession.” When Millikin first started skiing, it seemed to be a less popular sport. “Skiing was this crazy thing that my family did that no one else understood. It felt really special because of that,” she shares. Eventually, the allure of teleskis caught hold and the newest Stratton Marketing member took lessons, which she rather enjoyed. She’s even tried snowboarding twice and had mixed feelings. “Basically, I’m trying to decide if I want to stick with tele or pick up snowboarding as a secondary means of getting down the mountain. Skiing will always be my first great love, but I think slowing down with a second sport will make riding with my nephews or less-obsessed relatives more fun for everyone,” said Millikin.

Whatever Millikin decides, I have no doubt she’ll be successful. Aside from skiing, a few passions for this winter loving woman include writing, yoga, hiking, biking and reading. Just this past summer she was a journalism intern at the Outdoor Women’s Alliance, giving her insight into “the passions of some really incredible athletes – both professional and hobbyist.” Growing up with two older brothers and seeing the slew of male athletes broadcasted 24/7, Millikin notes that she didn’t have a lot of female role models growing up. That’s beginning to change “due to the hard work of women like Lynsey Dyer and Sandra Lahnsteiner. They’re the women that are changing our sports,” says Millikin. “I just help spread the word by writing about them or hitting the retweet button.”

As a final question, I had to ask what Millikin’s favorite area to ski was and if she could leave me with some parting advice. It’s no surprise that glades were the winner for favorite area to ski. “I’m counting down the days until I can jump into Squirrel’s Nest this winter!” As for my advice, Millikin referenced something her brother once shared with her. ‘Follow the line no one else sees.’ “The path you take down the mountain is yours and yours alone,” says Millikin. “Be creative. Make your own path.  It’s yours. You got it.”