Meet the Women of Stratton – Lucia Wing

By Courtney DiFiore

In two weeks it will be December 14, a day for women on skies everywhere. On this day girls will not only go to the bathroom in groups but also make turns in large packs showing off their skill and awesome abilities. What day is this exactly? International Women’s Ski Day of course.

In honor of this epic day, Stratton is highlighting some of the amazing woman at Stratton.

DSC_0002Meet Lucia Wing (PSIA/E and Alpine Level 3), a Stratton Ski Instructor and Trainer who specializes in instructing women. Wing grew up skiing Mad River Glenn but it didn’t take long before she made her way over to Stratton.  Her mother instructed at Stratton in the mid-60s and a passion for skiing was instilled in Lucia from a young age. It seemed like a natural fit to begin instructing. Wing’s favorite part of the job is teaching for improvement and fun. Not only is Wing a pro on the slopes but she’s also into competitive horseback riding and bicycling. “I’d rather live a lifestyle than make a lot of money,” says Wing when describing her hobbies. When asked what advice she has for other instructors, she was short and to the point saying, “Keep it simple.”

Lucia Wing is just one of many women at Stratton that we love having around. Check back daily for an insider look at the women of Stratton as International Woman’s Ski Day approaches.