Pay It Forward This Holiday Season

By Courtney DiFiore

It’s that time of the year when the warm fuzzys and hot chocolate fill us up from head to toe and we can’t help but pass along the joy of the holiday season. I witnessed a simple act of kindness just the other day that I in turn paid forward to another.121109_snow_summit_2400pxHS

A coworker was out in the parking lot brushing off the dumping of snow we got from her car and when she finished with hers she proceeded to move on to the neighboring car and clean that one off too. Then, once again she made her way to a third car where it was apparent a woman was having trouble. She didn’t have a brush, just her arms. This simple act of thoughtfulness spread like wildfire. MY car was brushed off when I left work that night! I made sure to keep the chain going and brushed off a huge SUV that was hidden beneath a foot of snow. But enough about me right?

What is everyone doing to brighten someone else’s day as they spread holiday cheer this time of year? Stratton wants to hear your story. Comment on this post, tag us in a tweet, insta post, vine video or Facebook us. If email is more your style, we have that too and there’s always old fashion snail mail. No matter the avenue you choose, just drop us a line. We want to share your #PayItForward stories.