The North Face Park And Pipe Open

By Tyler Lewis

A week before the North Face Park and Pipe series the Stratton Parks Crew started reworking Big Ben. They custom made a park to showcase the advanced skills of the skiers. As the park started taking shape, things where looking intense, a 50 and 60-foot jump lead right into an up rail and down flat down rail to finish off.


The event kicked off Thursday, February 20th with registration and practice on the course. The weather was perfect for spectating (high 30s with tons of sun) but a little slow for the competitors. Despite the slow conditions, the athletes threw down some insane tricks, leaving my jaw on the snow. Friday’s qualifiers where canceled due to challenging weather, but that didn’t stop the athletes from having a little fun on Stratton’s other parks.

Come Saturday morning the sun beamed down over Stratton inviting all to enjoy and throw down on Big Ben as they vie for a spot on the podium. Qualifiers started at 10am sharp, each athlete had two attempts to impress the judges on course. After qualifications the judges picked the best 16 from the men and women classes and moved them on to the finals. With $9K on the line, the skiers put down their best runs for a shot at the cash. As 2pm approached the final skiers were taking their second runs, Keegan Kilbride and Jackie Kling won the overall in the men and women’s Slope Style with super impressive runs.           railjam

The final piece of the North Face Park and Pipe series was the nighttime rail jam under the lights. With $3K in prize money on the line, the skiers came with a huge bag of tricks.

Results below:

Men’s Slope
1.) Keegan Kilbride, 97.00
2.) Ben Smith, 94.33
3.) Connor Clayton, 88.67

Women’s Slope
1.) Jackie Kling, 78.33
2.) Rachael Anderson, 74.00
3.) Allison Perotti, 54.00

Men’s Rail Jam
1.) Max Moffatt
2.) Connor Clayton
3.) Ben Smith

Women’s Rail Jam
1.) Jackie Kling
2.) Rachael Anderson
3.) Allison Perotti