Two Sport Sunday

By Erin Morley

I started skiing in fourth grade when my mom signed me up for night skiing at our local mountain. Nobody in my immediate family skis, but my best friend skied and my mom thought I might like it. I did! I would say the only negative thing about my skiing in the early days was that I took one, maybe two lessons, and I ended up developing all sorts of bad habits. It definitely didn’t stop me from having fun, but it did stop my progression. Than life happened.

I moved out of the mountains to the city and the opportunities to get back on skis diminished. After several years, life led me back to the mountains, and I decided I wanted to learn how to snowboard. I was working at my local mountain so I was able to hand pick an instructor. Dave was great, he used some unconventional methods, but they are still with me today. I was very lucky, the first season I was learning to snowboard, I almost never went out without my trusty instructor. It really saved me from developing any bad habits and I progressed really quickly. For the last several seasons,  I have really been enjoying snowboarding, but last season I started thinking about skiing again. Not that I wanted to abandon snowboarding, but I wanted to add skiing back into my repertoire.

This past Sunday was a lovely day, especially since the conditions were great. I enjoyed several snowboarding runs with my favorite snow buddy than at lunch, I thought, today would be a great day to get back on skis. I went to the rental shop, got some equipment and headed out. We started on Mike’s Way as I wanted to give myself some time to get back into the swing of things, but I was amazed how quickly it came back and how easy the new shaped gear makes the process.

It was one of the best days I have had on the slopes. Switching to skis brought back an old sensation in a new way and it made me appreciate my runs on the snowboard as well.

Now, I am looking forward to joining some ski lessons here at Stratton to help refine my technique and make sure I don’t get into those bad habits again. It’s never too late to try and learn something new or rediscover something old.