Goggle Tan For All

By Courtney DiFiore

HSP Pond Skim 2
It’s that time of the season – spring skiing! Spring means Stratton’s Annual Pond Skim. This event is a personal favorite because it’s full of thrills, chills and spills. I also really like it for the costumes. After my failed crossing last year (look for me, I’m the pizza slice!), I’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep dry this time around.

  1. Be prepared to fall – hopefully you don’t but let’s not get over confident.
  2. DON’T speed check – wax your equipment.HSP Pond Skim 3
  3. Lean back – but not too far back.
  4. Go STRAIGHT – turning slows you down.
  5. Wear the most ridiculous outfit you can find – suggestions include anything neon, shiny attire, onesies, wigs and so on.
  6. Get your best friends to join you – the more the merrier.
  7. Bring an extra pair of clothes – you may need them.

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