Why We Love Spring Skiing

By Courtney DiFiore

HSP2013_8435Remember how excited you were on your first day of the season? Channel that excitement and read on. The end of the season is not the time to give up skiing and riding. Aside from a powder day, spring skiing is the best time (I’d say). Here’s why:

1. Fewer people. By the time April rolls around, people are already thinking of biking, golf and tennis so they won’t be taking your seat on the lift. So grab your best friends and take a road trip.HSP2013_0935-2400px
2. Discounts, discounts and more discounts.
3. Outdoor music, festivals, contests and more. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear a wacky costume (not that you need one – we welcome costumes all day, every day) the Annual Pond Skim is your event. What’s spring skiing without some water to glide across?
4. Snow conditions are awesome. We love powder, but I’d say second best is the soft, spring snow. Spring snow has an amazing texture created by a mixture of warm temps and sunshine. It’s simply wonderful.
ChristmasStorySnowsuit15. No more Ralphie from A Christmas Story. It’s time to shed those layers and rock some flannels and a goggle tan.
6. Longer days. Thanks to spring equinox, the days of shredding can be extended into the evening. When lifts stop spinning, build a backyard booter and keep the party going.
7. Outdoor fun. Après skiing becomes a party on the Grizzly’s deck, portable grills on the back porch and tailgates in the parking lot. It’s great to be outside this time of year.
8. Sunny, warm bluebird days!