Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring!

By Paula Pelkey

Put your best foot forward this Spring!

Hibernation is something that happens every year for the bears that inhabit the woods surrounding Stratton Mountain Resort. Right about the time we break out our ski boots and hit the slopes, bears are laying down for their winter nap. Something else goes into hibernation at that time too, our feet.

We squeeze our feet into our ski boots. Boots that we need snug to keep us steady as we cruise down the mountain. Boots that can pinch and rub if not fitted just right. Boots that can put pressure on our toenails when we are skiing especially hard. Boots that support our ankles and arches yet still make those muscles sore and achy after a full day on the slopes.

Often times we overlook the importance that well-loved feet provide in our lives. They provide a sturdy foundation for our bodies. They keep us upright and balanced. They transport us from one place to the next. They quite literally carry the weight of our lives upon them. Therefore they deserve to be treated well.

Flexible and well maintained feet are a sign of good health. They show that you as a person care enough for yourself that you look after even the most overused and rugged part of you. Tension and stress often hide out in your feet. Getting regular foot massage or reflexology can keep that tension from building up, affecting your balance and then effecting the alignment of your body.

Keeping the nails clipped and clean will ward off ingrown toenails and the growth of fungus. Removing the dead cuticle skin and bits of splintered nail will help encourage stronger nails. Any areas with tough, callused skin will be softened and gently buffed away leaving behind softer skin.

Ski season is over, let’s bring those toesies out of hibernation! Come into the Day Spa at Stratton Village for your foot massage and pedicure. Add a little spring in your step with a splash of color or keep it au natural like our beautiful Vermont surroundings.

The Day Spa at Stratton Village will be open for our summer season May 23, 2014.

Our hours will be:
Friday and Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday and Monday 10:00am-5:00pm
(802) 297-4772