Run for Life

By Myra Foster

You’ve no doubt heard that Vermont consistently ranks at the top for both health and happiness. Yup, fit and happy. They go together like kale and quinoa. Ben & Jerry.

As skis and snowboards go in, bikes come out. There’s hiking, paddling, softball, soccer, Frisbee. And gardening, that’ll put a smile on your face and fresh, organic, absolutely local food on the table.

Simplest of all forms of fitness, though, might just be running. All you need is a pair of shoes and Darn Tough socks, crafted right up in St. Johnsbury. And nowhere is it better than right here, right now. In my humble opinion.

Somewhere between the end of sugaring season and the start of fishing season, running season begins in earnest. Senses awakened along a rolling road, surrounded by fields and trees and flowers starting to sprout. Just the sweet sounds of spring on your playlist. The dreadmill a distant memory.

We all have our reasons for running. It could simply be to feel great. Or enjoy a little time for yourself in the fresh air and sunshine. Maybe it’s to train for that 5k, 10k, marathon or even the Vermont 100 Endurance Race in Woodstock on July 19-20.

The thought of running a hundred miles makes the Shires of Vermont Marathon seem like a breeze. Now in its fourth year, the course travels from Bennington to Manchester on May 18 with an 872 foot gain in elevation and at least one covered bridge to cross. It is Vermont.

And if I were king, or governor, I would issue a proclamation for the Green Mountain State!

• We celebrate health and wellness; it’s in our nature.
• We value mindful movement; it makes us fit for life, gives us focus in our work and play, and joy in our mountain lifestyle.
• We explore, we ski, ride, hike, bike, climb, paddle, run … rinse and repeat.
• We don’t sit still.

For recovery days, I hear there is a strong correlation between eating chocolate and winning the Nobel Prize. Just saying.