Keep It Simple – A profile of Bill Nupp

By Courtney DiFiore

Health is important, but it shouldn’t be a point of stress or anxiety. By incorporating healthy habits and activities into your lifestyle, fitness will become a source of happiness and peace.

Some people spend their whole lives searching for the secret to happiness. According to Bill Nupp, Vice President of Lodging and Community Relations, keeping it simple is the key. “My active lifestyle has been one of the main reasons for my happiness and peace in my life,” shares Nupp.

‘Active’ to Nupp has a wide range of meaning; getting outside, walking the dog, taking a swim all qualify. This insightful VP shares the reasoning behind his “keep it simple” philosophy saying “it used to be that my goal was to be within sight of Sky Foulkes’ fitness level. But since he has gone on to amazing levels, I am left to more modest goals of being be in good enough shape to live an active lifestyle.”

Growing up on a farm, being outdoors came naturally. Now, as an adult, he explores the Southern Vermont outdoor playground. Nupp opts for activities like hiking, road biking, jogging and in the winter snowshoeing and skiing. “Working is part of living and when you can work in a place you love to live, surrounded by people who appreciate it just as much, I just don’t know how it could be better.”

One of Nupp’s go to workouts is a hike to Stratton’s summit for sunrise, “you get to witness something that makes you feel really alive and lucky.” When Bill takes a break from the elements and hits the gym, he keeps his workout fresh, changing up his routine by trying fitness classes. “Most recently ‘Tondreaus,’ Susan’s Cross Fit routines, seem to be the most productive workout I have ever done,” shares Nupp.

It’s nice to know you can live a healthy lifestyle without it being a chore and Nupp has found the perfect balance. The next time you begin to feel stress because of your daily workouts remember Nupp’s advice to keep it simple, keep it fresh and just get out there.