Summer is for Adventure

By Shane Kelly

In honor of Men’s Health Awareness month, I find it appropriate to take time, sit back and recognize the importance of health and wellness. Stratton Mountain and the rest of the beautiful Green Mountain State provide endless opportunities and adventures to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.A healthy lifestyle leads to more than just a fit body, it opens doors to new opportunities, improves overall quality of life and much more. Healthy living has been a building block to my success. By sharing my journey to lead an active lifestyle, I hope to inspire others.

I’ve spent the last two winters working at Stratton Mountain and during that time adopted a new lifestyle that I had been looking for since graduating college. I found my American Dream; I was snowboarding up to 100 days a season, spending quality time at the Stratton Training and Fitness Center and getting paid for it. As the winter wound down, I panicked. Do I make my way back to the hectic hustle and bustle of New Jersey or do I stay and see what exactly a Stratton Mountain summer has to offer? I’m happy to say I chose the latter. I now call Stratton Training and Fitness Center my home (make sure to come say “Hello!”). The facility offers such an array of equipment, classes and knowledgeable staff that it’s almost a crime not to be a yearly member. Other perks that can be found at the S.T.F.C include a 25 yard salt water pool, hot tub/steam room and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Having an indoor option is a big advantage to the resort, but let’s not forget about the natural gym right in our backyard, the Green Mountains.

My first Stratton summer has made me realize that I haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to taking advantage of all Southern Vermont has to offer. The amount of activities and events Stratton Mountain has in the summer is unbelievable. I’ve been exposed to a whole new world of subcultures and challenges that I’m excited to experience. Where will you find your adventure?