How to film an EPIC wedding video

By WeddingMix

How to film an EPIC wedding video: A beginner’s guide to action shots

Kristi-Chris-WeddingMixThere’s something special about couples that opt to tie the knot in the great outdoors. Not only does the bride and groom’s venue hints at their appreciation of natural beauty, it also showcases taste for action and adventure!

From skiing and snowboarding to kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, I’ve seen a ton of amazing wedding video footage filmed by adventurous couples over the years. If you’re thinking about including outdoor activities into your wedding weekend, check out these 7 videography tips for action filming to make your wedding video epic!

  1. Create a shot list based on the length of your wedding

Are you having a multi-day event? Make sure that you get the whole wedding story, not just the wedding day!

For example, Kristen and Greg’s rustic wedding in wine country, she included the journey to the mountainous wedding as part of her shot list.

  1. What pre- and post-wedding events do you have scheduled?

Most likely you will have a rehearsal dinner. If you have lots of out of town guests, you may also have some pre-wedding parties or activities going on. Those fun impromptu events are where you’ll get the most candid moments of your guests. It’s also where you’ll get to spend the most time with them. You’ll be pretty busy on the wedding day itself.

And don’t forget the honeymoon! It’s all part of your entire wedding adventure. Check out the “extra guests” at Javier’s rehearsal dinner video. And the double honeymoon at the end. Mountain climbing and pro football in one trip!

  1. If you’re filming with a phone, hold the camera sideways.

Have you ever seen a Hollywood film with black bars on the side? That’s what your footage is going to look like if you hold your phone vertically. Make sure to hold the phone sideways, so the video clips will look good in wedding video later.

  1. Be Your Own Tripod

Megan_Christopher_WeddingMixIf you’re taking video clips longer than a few seconds, your hands will naturally start to drift downwards. Best bet is to be your own tripod: grip the phone with two hands and gently brace your elbows against the top of ribs. Super important to remember whilst filming the first dance!

  1. Provide Interview Questions.

I provided a list of simple questions to some of my friends that I had setup in advance to assure we were getting some personalized messages on our videos. Another great way to personalize your video is to interview your future-spouse. It’s nice for those dedicated clips to work their way into the final wedding video!

  1. One Word: GoPro

GoPro’s are high-def personal cameras, Rustic_weddingmix_ Kateusually in extreme action video photography. They are known for being rugged, wearable, and lightweight in unusual places such as attached to a helmet, bicycle, or boat. Are you and your spouse rock climbing or white water rafting after taking the plunge? How cool would it be to capture that view for your wedding video!

  1. Most importantly, plan really cool activities for a really cool wedding video!

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the fun you can have with an outdoor wedding getaway! Whether you want an over-night ski trip with your bridal party or a post-wedding standing up paddleboard excursion, make sure you plan something EPIC to kick off your new adventure as a married couple!

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