Goals for the Season

By Charlie Reetz

charlie photoThere’s one question I ask myself at the beginning of every season. What are my goals to accomplish before the snow melts? So for those of you just as amped as I am for the season, I’d like to share with you a few of my aspirations for the winter.

101 Days

Accomplishing one hundred days on the hill is a challenge already, but I want to add that extra day just because. On every mountain there is a society of men and women who are able to get in those days. Some call it the 100 club others may call it #100happydays but it’s certainly a goal every serious skier and snowboarder strives to achieve toward the end of the season.

Going Inverted

A back flip is not as hard as people may think; it’s just a matter of having the guts to do it. I have tried it before but haven’t landed it properly quite yet. There’s also what’s called spinning cork which all my park rats will know about but for those who don’t it’s a way of spinning and flipping at the same time. As an avid terrain park goer you always have a list of tricks you’ve got dialed in and some tricks to work on for the season.

Pizza Everyday

… And not gaining a single pound. HAHA

Covering Every Trail

It may be a part of the job, but the fact is I haven’t been down EVERY trail here at Stratton.

Pond Skimming

Believe it or not in all my years of skiing and snowboarding I have yet to pond skim at the end of the season.

Let me know what your goals are for this season and I’ll be happy to see you achieving each one this season. Right now I’m going for a slice!