Around the Mtn Dining

By Kirby Daly

It is my pleasure to keep you updated as I embark on a journey of the taste buds. I have been tasked with exploring Stratton’s food and beverage experience, from on hill eateries to hidden off hill gems holes. Casual, fancy and everything in-between, there seems to be something for everyone.

meatMy first mission was to find out what the mouth-watering smell was coming from the newly renovated mid-mountain lodge. When I reached my destination, I almost forgot to clip out of my skis as the smoky fragrance filled the air. I knew instantly; Smoked Meats! To my surprise, the once Mexican inspired mid-mountain cuisine has taken on a whole new approach and a new name to go with it. Mountain Smoke takes comfort food from home and brings it to the hill.

Originally from New York, the man behind all this smoke is James Casterline. The man has been preparing food for a long time and for some fairly colorful groups and people such as Phish, Godsmack, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. With all of his time on tours, he says he has experienced BBQ from all around the country, preparing him to unleash a truly original collection of traditional comfort dishes.

beansUsing a combination of fresh hickory and oak, already the mountain has smoked almost 7,000 pounds of local meat. Between beef brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken and all the sides to go with it, there is plenty of comfort to go around. All rubs were invented and created in-house along with 8 original sauces to choose and mix from.

I’d love to describe the food in detail but my words have no justice to the melt-in-your-mouth sensation that these meats acquire…you need to try it yourself. I declare five BBQ sauce covered stars.