Snow Reporter’s Wish List

By Charlie Reetz

When you get to my age, which is 26 years young, you might be asking Santa for more money under the tree. It’s the first thing that comes to mind after paying bills, rent and maybe a few nights out on the town. However that doesn’t stop me from dreaming big and sending postcards to the North Pole for some extra swag. Here is a list of potential presents this year.

  • The Phantom II Drone. For those who don’t know, the Phantom is one the top remote control drones to fly the airways. It controls your GoPro with a Gimbal steadicam system and captures amazing aerial footage. One of our earlier videos has a bit of drone footage, so hopefully Santa can help me bring more of that to the snow report.
  • An array of camera equipment (which would take a while to explain the details).
  • New Boots. Always good for those cold winter days. Also my old ones have holes in them.
  • Socks and Underwear. As per usual.
  • A girlfriend. HA! Santa can’t help me with that one.
  • MORE SNOW! Because all I ever want for Christmas is an entirely snowed out winter with lots and lots of good skiing and snowboarding.

Please share with me what your Christmas wish list sounds like. If it’s anything like mine, then maybe St. Nick and Mother Nature can help us with some pow turns!