True Life: Being A Stratton Snow Reporter (the quick version)

By Charlie Reetz

4:30 am: I’m waking up while my coffee machine automatically brews a few cups of coffee. The Weather Chanel gives me a few updates as I check my emails and Facebook.

5:25 am: Arriving at the office 5 minutes early is a must for me. Clock in and get to work.

5:30 am: Radio in to the grooming team and get the low down on the trail and lift count. From there it’s a matter of updating several websites and documents for the world to see. Lay down the phone message with enthusiasm.

7:00 am: Handing out the hard copies throughout the village and mountain. After I finish my rounds I see Liz at the Market for another cup of coffee. I’d say I drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day.

8:00 am: Waiting to hear of any changes to the trail list or weather conditions. If so I update said websites and documents.

9:30 am: Tying up my boots and headed to the hill with my GoPro in hand. Get in as many runs and film as much as I can with new friends and old.

Noon: Return to the office to download the footage received and work on the afternoon reports and documents for the next day.

1:30 pm: Attend the Operations meeting. This information is classified (but not really).

2:00 pm: Write updates for tomorrow’s projected weather and trail count. Lay down the phone message again with just as much enthusiasm, if not more. Comb over some of the footage and edit to make it prettier.

4:30 am: I call it a day, clock out, and enjoy après with some friends.