Bacon and Coffee and Red Bull! Oh My!

By Charlie Reetz

As you may have read in my last entry I wrote about the Labor of Love and how we can admire the work we put into our passion. This week’s entry is about the fuel that drives us into that workflow and keeps us there until the end of the day. One of those methods of motivation is drinking coffee.

Many of you might agree with me that coffee is an incredible source of energy. Caffeine is also among the most addictive substances in the world. Every morning, even before I put on a pair of pants, the first thing I do is head straight to the coffee machine and brew a pot. One cup will get me out of bed and two cups will get me energized for the day. A third cup by the early afternoon keeps me going and maybe a fourth after dinner if I’m going out to party.

There are other forms of fuel that we consume that work just as well as coffee. For those who prefer tea to coffee that’s also a fine choice and it soothes the throat on a sick day. Red Bull gives you wings but I’m not one to drink that first thing in the morning. Nuts are a great source of energy especially almonds and peanuts. Healthy eating styles can keep you up beat on the ski hill but that doesn’t rule out the astounding power of bacon at breakfast.

Whether you need coffee, bacon or tea to wake you for first chair, we’ve got you covered. Stop by the Market or Market Bistro in the Base Lodge to fuel up for the day.