The Midnight Hour

By Charlie Reetz

As the Snow Reporter, I don’t get many late nights because I have to be in the office by 5:30am. It’s become a rejuvenating routine to start the day that early and fall asleep before 9pm while everyone else might be out on the town. Though if I were to do that every day I would not have a social life, and there’s nothing quite like a party to boost morale. In today’s entry I will take you through a typical procedure through the witching hour.

7:30pm – Around this time I’ve finished dinner and made contact with some friends. If plans are to lead me off the mountain I save the drinks for the bar, but normally I like visiting Green Door Pub in the Stratton Village, just a short walk from my house, so I start drinking PBR tall boys.

8:30/9pm – Pre drinks are a routine for many others. It allows you to spend less money when settled at the bar and to start a buzz early. I like to have a few and arrive at GDP before 10 when DJ Joe Bell usually kicks off the party. The first thing I do upon entering the pub is get another tall boy and some quarters to play a few games of pool.

10pm/12pm – During this time I’m fixated on having a good time no matter what. Typically, I’ll be holding it down on the felt for a few games, but I’m not going to be bothered if I lose a game or two. Any bar with parlor games available is a huge preference for me. Weather attending a club, pub, or the middle of the street DANCING IS ALSO WIDELY ACCEPTED IN MY BOOK. I may look silly sometimes, but again at this point nothing bothers me.

1pm – This is about the time I’ll start to wind down. Waking up at 4:30am for work days has affected my internal clock and I feel tired earlier, especially after a few drinks. As soon as I’m back home, I pour a massive glass of water for myself and fall asleep to a good movie.

Share with me what a typical night at Stratton is for you and maybe I’ll see you out there. If we do meet I’ll buy the first round, and if you’re a lovely lady I’ll buy the second.