A Near Perfect Valentine’s Day

By Charlie Reetz

Before I begin, I must say I do not currently have a significant other. I’ve learned that waiting for the right woman to come along is not only more appropriate but more useful to me now than my earlier years. That being said I’ve cared for everyone who has entered my life and I would share this following scenario with any one of you. This is my description of a near perfect date.

Waking up to a foot of snow is naturally a dream and to have that on Saturday would be more than awesome. The date actually begins at 8am when we both could get on the mountain before most skiers and riders. Having fun in the powder with friends is only half of the excitement for Valentine’s Day.  When the lifts start to close down or our legs have taken enough exercise then we enjoy après at Grizzly’s while some funky live music resonates the bar.

Afterwards it’s time to relax, maybe a moment of rejuvenation by visiting the steam room or hot tub at the Training & Fitness Center. At home she kicks her feet up on the coffee table and watches a romantic comedy or reads a good book while I prepare a dinner for the both of us. I’ll admit I don’t normally cook but I would make something to her liking, even if it were vegetarian or a big ol’ bacon burger. After dinner we could simply step out the front door to see the 8:30pm fireworks in the distance. No gifts have been exchanged; only the comfort of company brings warmth and joy.

Then the party begins. All of our good friends together while drinks and debauchery continue through the midnight hour means a good time. A favorite of mine actually is a glass of Ballantine’s scotch whiskey to help celebrate “Ballantine’s Day.”  All in all, the day is well spent with a lovely lady, and after describing those 24 hours I’d be happy to do it all over again the next day.