Go Snurfing at the Vermont Open

The 3rd Annual Snurfer Challenge Celebrates
50 Years of the Snurfer at the Vermont Open

Photo courtesy of www.snurferboards.com

Photo courtesy of www.snurferboards.com

March 3, 2015

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Manchester Center, VT – Just getting to the finish line is often considered a victory when competing in the one of a kind Snurfer Challenge at Stratton Mountain’s Vermont Open. In celebration of the product that launched the snowboarding revolution, the Snurfer Challenge pits rider against mountain on a simple wooden board without bindings or edges. This year’s Snurfer Challenge celebrates 50 years since the production of the first Snurfer and honors its now 84 year-old creator, Sherman Poppen.

The Snurfer Challenge takes place on Saturday, March 14 as part of the Vermont Open, a snowboard competition at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. The 2015 Snurfer Challenge will feature a thrilling head-to-head elimination downhill format where it’s survival of the fittest and fastest. In honor of Sherman’s original creation, this years race format will be limited to a Classic Series format whereby only riders on original Snurfers or the replica Classic models now being offered by the revived Snurfer brand  will be allowed to compete.

Photo courtesy of www.snurferboards.com
Photo courtesy of www.snurferboards.com

One-of-a kind hand painted Classic Snurfers will be awarded to the top three finishers of the Snurfer Challenge. Although the entire weekend of competition is designed for snowboarders by snowboarders, the Snurfer Challenge places a huge emphasis on light-hearted, backyard fun while paying homage to the man and the brand that started it all.

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Photo courtesy of www.snurferboards.com

About Snurfer: The original Snurfer, designed by Sherman Poppen in December 1965, is credited as the starting point for what would become the modern snowboard. The Snurfer was reintroduced in the fall of 2014 after a three-decade absence from the market by Balance Designs, Inc. (BDI) and with the blessing of Mr. Sherman Poppen. All Snurfers are made-in-the-USA with high quality North American maple veneers and marine-grade glues designed to provide years of backyard fun. Snurfers are perfect for anyone with a love of snow, skill, speed and fun.

BDI also markets VewDo Balance Boards and has led the way in balance boards and balance training products since 1991. BDI is committed to providing its customers with exceptionally well-built products that build balance and create smiles.

 For more info on this awesome sport, contact Balance Designs Inc. at 802-362-2893 or info@snurferboards.com